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These sites will pay you for clicking links ^_^ Yes, they really do pay. I'm only going to include my trusted sites in this list, these are sites I visit every day and am continuing to earn from. I also earn a small commission when you join so it also helps me out a lot :) Thank you for taking a look! You need paypal for most of these (Free of course!), but none of them require a credit card.

This site is my favourite! It is called hits4pay, and there are always lots of ads to read and earn from :) They pay around 2 cents per ad, but they also give a ten dollar sign up bonus! Money adds up very quickly! All of the others listed below are similar as well, some pay a little bit less but they are all sites with actual earning potential. They will never make you rich but if I can make twenty bucks sitting on my bum on the computer I am happy! If you have any questions about these sites feel free to email me --> Email is in the sidebar :)


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