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List time :) 20 things about the webmiss of this blog!

1. I live in a small town in Ontario. It's not the most exciting place in the world, but I still love living here. I grew up out in the country on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, so the city is freedom to me :)
2. Now, I live in a very nice two bedroom apartment with my boyfriend Aaron :) Having my own place is awesome, it's kind of strange and alien being an adult though... Paying bills, washing dishes, etc. But I wouldn't trade where I am for anything :)
3. I love playing video games a lot :D My current obssesions are Killzone 3 and Minecraft, though I am horrible at first person shooters... I am sure I will eventually get a kill to death ratio over 1.0 if I try very hard -_- [/nerd moment]
4. Our apartment contains a computer, a ps3, and a psp. We also borrow a friends xbox 360 on occasion, though I am a ps3 all the way type person...
5. I do not have any pets, but I kind of want a dog... (Don't kill me mommy, if you happen to see this somehow). My boyfriend often works latenights and it is scary alone!
6. Both my boyfriend and I work at McDonalds. I love my job :) Make fun all you like, I enjoy my day at work and the people I work with are amazing!
7. I love my guitar, even though it is just an Ibanez acoustic-electric. It's so pretty and playing it instantly puts me in a good mood. I've been playing for years, but all I really play is chords :p
8. I learned guitar for the sole purpose of being able to back up my own singing. :) I took about a month of guitar lessons when I was twelve, and since then I've been self-taught.
9.  I am obsessed with movies! I own around 150, my favorites being b-list slasher movies, stupid comedies (think hot rod and blades of glory!), and anything else you find in the bottom of a 2-for-10 dollar bin at Walmart :)
10. I tend to go to the movie theatre about once a week. It's one of my favourite things. They also have yummy frozen yogurt at my theatre :D
11. I have a mom, a dad, and two younger sisters. Katy is 16 and Annie is almost 13. It's crazy how my baby sister is almost a teenager!
12. I really really love to shop. I own lots of clothes, yet always want more -_- I've been very good with money the past couple months though, because of buying furniture rent etc.
13. My style is kind of preppy, but I'd like to dress more 'formal' - le chateu, eclipse, suzy shier, etc.
14. I love wearing cute clothes, but the moment I arrive home I am in some form of pajama pants, sweats, or boxers, and a tank top :P
15. I grew up with a very christian father and was raised Orthodox, but it never really connected for me. I am still figuring out what to consider myself. Right now I just say I'm studying different forms of paganism.
16. I have a fascination with magic and witchcraft, and I hate how people say it is evil and such when clearly they have not studied a thing about it.
17. I am truly obsessed with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. My day has not began before I've consumed a tea or coffee, and hot chocolate with whipped cream is just amazing :D
18. I love politics and world events in general. I like to be informed in what is happening in the world.
19. I struggle with body image a lot. I have lost 25 pounds in the past five months, which I am very proud of, but there are days when I just want to be a size zero.
20.  I love playing adventure games on the computer... I grew up playing the Nancy Drew series. Right now I am playing Culpa Innata, which is now my new top five favourite <3

I'll probably add to this later ;)

oh and ps, me and my sister Katy singing :)